We've reached the pinnacle of our transformation journey and are excited to share our new brand and mission with you. Read on to learn how omo's one-stop shop of solutions help you maintain full autonomy and control over your practice — all on your terms.




Our Mission is You

omo’s mission is to preserve the independent practice of medicine and empower independent physicians with the services, technology and buying power needed to survive and thrive in the highly competitive, ever-changing healthcare industry.

It’s More Than Just a Name

omo’s name is derived from the Japanese philosophy of omotenashi, where customer needs are anticipated in advance and service extends far beyond expectation. It is omo’s goal to deliver the highest level of excellence in service delivery to help physicians succeed in their professional and personal lives.


OUR Philosophy.

At omo, we are passionate about the power of independent medicine and the positive impact it has on our communities. That’s why we built a company dedicated to preserving the independent physician. Everything we do is about making practicing medicine easier and bringing true joy back to patient care.


We believe in independent medicine

A healthy healthcare system should include a diverse mix of large systems and community physicians working in partnership to deliver first-rate care.

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We believe in making medicine personal again

Modern healthcare has become impersonal. But the best care happens when doctors can form a trusted relationship with their patients over time.

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We believe in caring for those who care

Doctors are human, too. They require care and nurturing to prevent burnout and ensure they’re living balanced, joyous and meaningful lives.

We Understand
Your Needs.

omo is your dedicated one-stop shop for financial, people, well-being and technology solutions that transform profitability, reduce risk, preserve autonomy and save time. And as the industry evolves, so will our services. Get back to what you love, and let us handle the rest.


Make Every Dollar Count

What if you had the same buying power and negotiating leverage of a large health system? Say goodbye to comparison shopping and aging payer contracts. Our financial solutions enable you to maximize profitability while giving you back your most precious resource – time.

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Let Us Help Take Care of Your People

Happy staff means happy patients. Our HR experts are wholly focused on the health, wealth, safety and happiness of your people. Now you can attract and retain talent like never before, giving your practice a leg up on the competition.

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Stay Secure and Connected

Technology is ever changing. With growing complexity and cybersecurity risks, modern IT is beyond the capabilities of practice staff and the hourly IT guy. We protect your data and keep you connected while keeping an eye out for new innovations that will transform patient care and practice efficiency.

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Prioritize YOUR Well-Being

A healthy community starts with healthy physicians. Our holistic health approach keeps physicians and staff physically and mentally healthy in fun and engaging ways. We strive to prevent burnout, improve acuity and create enriching connections that fulfill personal and professional lives.

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You Asked, We Listened

Welcome to the future of independent medicine.